Welcome to “Little Portrait Paintings” by Christine Montague


Welcome to Little Portrait Paintings, my website and blog of 6″ x 6″  portrait oil paintings.  I am a Canadian portrait & nature artist (www.ChristineMontague.com ) who loves to paint, whether portraiture, canoes or polar bears, in larger scale in oils. When a visitor to my studio commissioned me to paint a 6″ x 6″ pet cat portrait from a photograph as a surprise gift for a loved one, I was the one pleasantly surprised at what a treasure the finished little portrait painting was. The client was thrilled (in fact a bit teary) with this feline portrait and so was the person she thoughtfully gifted it to.

And so, Little Portrait Paintings began – a unique way to acquire original fine art portraiture, or give a one-of-a-kind gift,  at a wonderful value. Each portrait oil painting is instantly a cherished family heirloom.  These fine art portraits are small enough to fit on any wall, sit on a shelf or a table side easel, yet big enough to speak to your heart.

Portraits as a gift? Interestingly, almost every little portrait I have painted, was commissioned with great love,  as a very special gift, to surprise and delight a loved one.  Given as Christmas presents, wedding and anniversary gifts and birthday presents, I am told they have been joyously received.

Here are some Little Portrait Paintings ideas –

  • children
    • milestone birthdays: A baby’s 1st birthday, 5th birthday, the first double digit birthday – 10 years old, 13th birthday, 16 th birthday, 18th birthday, 19th birthday,  21st birthday
    • christening gift
    • graduation gift
    • or memories of when they were young
  • adults
    • celebrate a wedding, anniversary or special birthday
    • loving tribute and memory
  • pets
    • celebrate how cute they are as a kitten or puppy
    • remember and honour a beloved pet

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